Cycling is happiness : ride, have fun

Sharing and informing was the inspiration behind Sharing our passion for bikes with the largest possible audience. A passion for all kinds of bikes, ridden in all kinds of ways – in the city, on road, off road, ebikes, bikepacking – whatever  J.

The other part is passing on the information we’ll be gathering from all over the planet. We cater for a cycling-related lifestyle – food, tourism, innovation and friendship, which for us is at the heart of this leisure activity. To achieve all this, we came up with, a comprehensive media platform that covers our website, newsletters and, especially, our videos on social medias.

As for delivering all this content, two puncheurs have broken away from the peloton!

- Claude Droussent, from whom the bicycle holds (almost) no secrets. When he’s not writing about them (‘1,000 Jerseys from the Tour de France’, ‘Yellow Jerseys’, ‘The Most Beautiful Cycling Routes’), he’s riding them – over 3,000km so far this year. Claude was the Vélo Magazine head editor, LÉtape du Tour and Vélo dor Award founder in 90s, and the LÉquipe head editor in 2000s.

- Yves Camus, who would like to spend even more time riding between Boulder, Colorado, and Mont Ventoux in France, but who also works in consumer research for brands. He’s ridden 4,000 km this year.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. — John F. Kennedy